Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

My September has been filled with a lot of love, energy, excitement and new beginnings.

I had no idea that six years ago when my husband and I got married it would be such an amazing and exhausting month.

This blog post won’t be a long one. I am tired. I am a mother and wife, a daughter, a friend, a cousin and a full time employee. I had intentions of posting more this month, but life certainly got in the way in the best kind of way of course.

In September we celebrate, the end of summer, back to school season, both of my sons birthdays back to back and our wedding anniversary. Let’s not forget it’s the month that also starts Hispanic/Latinx Heritage month and for my job it’s the beginning of the semester and start to election season (I run a democratic engagement program within my department).

It’s mostly been a celebratory month. One where I planned birthday and anniversary outings and successful events for work. I’ve been a personal and professional event planner for over a decade now and while I love it, I am also exhausted by it. I am definitely one of those introvert/extroverts. I love the idea of being social, but it can totally wear on me before, during and after. However, I never regret all of the energy I put into it because the people pleaser in me loves to put a smile on my family’s faces and similarly to those I work for and with.

So September for me was all about being the multitasker mom!

I still cannot believe I have a 3 and 5 year old now. I was completely bummed that I could not throw a big party for them, but we did see the Grandparents and they had an amazing time! We got a lot of fun new toys which I plan to write a separate post about because I love picking out new toys for my boys. No judgement please. We always donate what we don’t use anymore while still in good condition. I just have a thing for buying toys that I think will be worth their while, buy me some alone time, but also ones I would enjoy playing with too since they always ask, mommy, can you play with me? It’s a whole strategic experience that I love!

On a me time note, I still managed to stay active on Instagram and changed my name to remove the underscores. So now I’m, @modernlatinamotherhood – yay! Additionally, I binged The Home Edit on Netflix which I found completely calming and super helpful as a fairly disorganized person. I redid my kitchen pantry and that might be my best accomplishment all month! I now am bingeing Girlfriends. Oh and how can I forget, I read a new book as part of a new book club that a mom friend of mine runs called Litina Book Club. I highly recommend joining it! It’s currently virtual and focuses on supporting Latinx authors. The book I read is called Coney Island Siren by Theresa Varela. It stuck with me for days and was a fast and engaging read! Trigger warning, it focuses on domestic violence. Follow @ litinabookclub on Instagram to join next months read.

So here I am at the end of this month a bit sad that I couldn’t post sooner, but also excited to see what October will bring for me and for you!

How was your September? What are you excited about for next month? Can you relate to being a multitasker mommy? Let me know in the comments below.

Cheers to another new beginning!


Lorenzo’s 3rd Birthday!
Gabriel’s 5th Birthday!
6th Wedding Anniversary!
Back to School!

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