New Years Wishes and Birthday Kisses

I cannot believe the end of December and 2020 is here. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this much, but I am a holiday season baby. I always start the year with a new age. On January 5, I’ll be nearing my late 30s and saying goodbye to my early 30s which I’ve been holding onto oh so tightly.

It’s funny becoming older as a woman. You do not know whether to embrace it or just deny it hahah!

What’s also interesting is what I am most interested in my 30s. I can attest to knowing myself more now and believe as you get older you do feel more comfortable in your skin. It is the BEST part of aging in my opinion. It’s the part I’ve been looking forward to my whole life. I can now enjoy everything without being sickly worried or anxious all the time. I still get worried and anxious here and there because I’m human, but I’m just not as sensitive to the opinions of others anymore. Why? Mostly because I am more confident in my decision making than ever before in life. This also happens as you mature in motherhood since you’re constantly making decisions for your little ones. Decision making becomes second nature and figuring out what’s really important does as well too. Atleast this has been my experience.

OK, so what is a woman like me interested in in her 30s…for me it’s been a skin care routine (trying to turn this age clock around haha), blogging, reading, creating, being a kid again with your kid (give me all the fun toys to play with), self care, home organization, exercise, more coffee and more wine, FLUFFY SOCKS, comfy PJs, Insta (cook anything fast) Pots, learning more about politics, giving as much as I receive and doing new things with my kids that I never did as a kid!

Maybe I’m just a “basic mom.” When you’re 30 something though you just don’t care about labels! Call me basic, I’d agree and be very happy about it.

So how do us basic moms end such a tumultuous year and start a new one feeling good?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer, but I do know that continuing to learn about yourself, what makes you feel good and not carrying the burden of others does help. I know as a mom, personally it’s a struggle to find time to make yourself feel good and make time for yourself in general, but look I didn’t say it comes without work. Mamas, if you don’t work on things even if it is little by little, you cannot get what you want. Nothing flies from the sky straight to your lap! It seems silly to say you have to work for your own self care. What I’ve learned from other moms is that it’s time you have to demand, delegate and carve out. You need to make yourself space in your head, heart and home for whatever brings you joy outside of your family. It’s actually hard work to discover yourself. You have to TRY NEW THINGS in order to figure it out and JUST DO IT (as nike would say). You also have to not give up on the process. I’m embarking on a year of blogging and it’s been so fun to have this as part of my life. I’ve learned a lot and while I still have my ups and downs with staying in the game, I gave myself atleast 1 year to commit.

I’ve had to embrace starting and stopping a lot. Is it still worth it, yes! Is it scary to put yourself out there and try something new even in your 30s and beyond? Absolutely. Should it stop you, no! Weigh the risk always, but more likely than not it’s you who stands in your way. I’m not saying that you don’t face obstacles, but I am saying that despite the obstacles, you are your own barrier to success. Life is about the challenges and overcoming them. You are supposed to feel all feelings all of the time. You will be sad, disappointed, happy and the list goes on. That’s what makes life amazing! We only get one. So choose to live it with intention and appreciation. What is the other option?

Don’t get me wrong I love the comfortable life without extra responsibilities. However, I have found some fun in the uncomfortable as well. Life in your 30s isn’t all about comfy Pjs and fluffy socks, though sometimes I wish it was. It’s also about how great it feels to get back up after you’ve fallen down!

So as a soon to be late thirties woman, wife and mama of 2 what do I wish for in the New Year and for my birthday besides kisses from my kids?

  • Less time stressing and more unplugged quality time spent with my family
  • New challenges that bring out the best in me
  • Saving money with intention and some budgeting! (Create a line item for donations)
  • Continue to make cooking easier – maybe an airfryer/instapot duo upgrade
  • More self care – I want a Face Roller? Who knew this was a thing, it sounds amazing!
  • Pursing my education – Apply for a master’s degree program
  • More home organizing (Thank you @ The Home Edit w/ Clea and Joanna)
  • Celebrate more and create more!

I’ve been really inspired by my last blog post Becoming a Blogger and Boss Mama! So much so that I wanted to write a strong follow up. I hope this makes the cut for all that have been following my blog. To leave this post with some more of my blogging journey as a working mom and practical advice, here is what my experience has taught me:

1. Stay inspired. How can we do that? I said it earlier, by trying new things. If you’re a mom blogger like me do new things for yourself and with your kids. They don’t need to be glamorous things. I started with pretty basic science experiments with my kids and simply just talking about my life as a mom.

2. Just commit. Set a goal. Paying for my blog site kept me invested. I think it’s a great way to learn how to slowly become your own boss.

3. Be consistent. You have followers now, give them something to tune into!

Finally, I am excited for the opportunity to start again in the New Year. New Year same me, but with 365 days of new opportunities ahead that I will create myself, for me and family. I intend to start my new year by manifesting what is supposed to be mine and a part of my life. Dream. Believe. Achieve.

Happy New Year!!

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