Did we really make it through this pandemic?!

Well, we’ve made it to June 2021 and soon we will be celebrating Father’s Day. When you reflect on this pandemic and past Mother’s Day, did you get anything you wanted?

What I wanted for mother’s day and what I want every day is: to feel loved, to feel cared for, to have a little time for myself.

We as mothers truly give our all and never feel like our all is good enough sometimes. What replenishes us?

I remember when all I did was breastfeed and nurse around the clock with very little sleep. I remember when I was recovering from my c-section in so much pain at home taking care of my newborn. I remember pumping in the office, looking at photos of my baby as I did my 9-5 job. I remember emergency hospital visits with my youngest son as he struggled to breathe properly. I remember working pre-pandemic days thinking life was cruel for a working mom who had to spend so much time away from her children. I stopped hanging out with friends, I put my health to the wayside, I barely dressed to my liking.

Then the pandemic hit us. I found myself again putting my health to the wayside, not dressing to my liking, not hanging out with friends, working from home and realizing how it mirrored the challenges of maternity leave, etc.

So, on June 1, 2021, I declare a mid-year New Year. I think I might be starting to feel like myself again. I can’t believe we’ve (practically) made it through this pandemic!

I’m not an expert in self care, but I may be an expert in lacking taking care of myself! It is so important to show yourself the same amount of love and energy you show others. Show yourself some compassion and give yourself some grace. Never ever be afraid to start over if you’ve fallen down. 

So this June, as a fully vaccinated mama, I hope to get back to some normalcy. This past year and a half has hit me as hard as a strong ocean wave and now I’ve landed safely back to shore again. 

What will we do as we re-enter society? What will we do this summer? Where will our roads travel to? The possibilities are endless. 

Don’t sink or sulk at the back to work blues. Fight the urge, by doing things you love. Travel a little more, enjoy the warm sun, enjoy your families and friends. I couldn’t think of a more perfect time for reunions and big giant hugs from the ones you love most that you haven’t seen in so long. 

There is so much to look forward to. For me, my oldest son will graduate Pre-Kindergarten and my youngest will enter into preschool this summer. We have a small beach weekend booked next week to Ocean City, New Jersey. Shortly after we will book another weekend in Brooklyn, New York to spend time with family and visit Coney Island Amusement park and beach. 

I exercised today after over another lull in physical activity that I promised myself to always make a point to do.  There is  hope for our futures and no matter your age or your stage in motherhood you will find yourself again. It might be a constant mission, but it will happen. Similarly you can easily lose yourself again. Point  being continue to pick yourself back up. This  is your mid-year reminder to take care of yourself and try to put yourself first here and there! (That’s me yelling at myself again).

Hang in there, it’s all going to get better. Here are some of the things I’ve done recently after over a year of ignoring me during this pandemic:

  1. I got a pedicure with a friend!
  2. I went to the hair salon
  3. I shopped for new clothes
  4. I bought a bicycle!
  5. I make phone calls and intentionally reach out to the people I love and missed so much

How will I ensure that I will continue to prioritize myself? What are my mid-year goals?

  1. Resume a workout plan
  2. Ask for help from my husband and our village
  3. Blog more!
  4. Plan fun activities for both myself and my for my family to enjoy together
  5. Take the Paid Time Off I’ve earned at work (for vacations, doctors appointments and me time)

What are your mid-year goals in 2021? 

I hope you continue to check out the blog this summer.  I hope to fill it with more posts around summer fun and beyond.

Happy June 1st! May you enjoy the new season we are in and entering. Things will only go up from here!


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